Controlling humidity is very important to achieve a healthy indoor environment. Humidity is important for respiratory comfort, furniture and artwork preservation, as well as preventing cracks in your home's millwork.

In Southern Ontario, this means adding humidity during the heating months and removing humidity during the summer months.

Bypass humidifiers are clean, low-maintenance and effective at replacing humidity lost due to running the furnace. Steam humidifiers add a lot of humidity to a space and can deliver humidity independently of the heat by running the blower as humidity is needed. Homes with large air volume, antique furniture and delicate artwork often benefit from steam humidity.

In contrast, many homes suffer from too much humidity, which can lead to damp, musty homes and even mold problems. A central dehumidifier can provide dry, fresh air throughout your home. Central dehumidifiers can also be used to bring fresh air into your home to alleviate stale, stagnant air that results from tightly sealed homes.
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