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Broom's Heating, Air Conditioning & Fireplaces is a full service company serving Burlington, Oakville, Dundas, Waterdown, Milton and Stoney Creek. We offer HVAC system design, sales, installation, service (including 24 hour emergency service) and routine maintenance. Contact us at (905) 634-7701. We take care. You take comfort.

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Heating WaterdownTalk to us today and see how easy it can be for you to start enjoying heated comfort in Waterdown at an even more comfortable price.
Air Conditioning BurlingtonAn air conditioning unit will also remove the humidity from the air - controlling humidity is very important to achieve a healthy indoor environment. Call our Burlington number to learn more: (905) 634-7701.
Air Conditioning DundasA healthy environment requires the right level of humidity. In Dundas, or anywhere else in Southern Ontario, this means adding humidity during the winter and removing humidity during the summer.
Electric Fireplaces BurlingtonAdvances in technology have rendered your opinion of electric fireplaces obsolete. Today's variety of styles and options deliver the perfect combination to complete your vision (and give your room that Wow!).
Air Conditioning MiltonBroom's can assess your home's heating, air conditioning and humidity needs and design a year-round solution for your home, anywhere from Milton to Stoney Creek to Oakville.
Air Conditioning Stoney CreekBroom's services and repairs all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Our service area includes Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Waterdown and Dundas.
Air Conditioning WaterdownAnnual maintenance will allow your systems to operate at peak efficiency and help prevent untimely equipment failure. Our highly trained technicians are ready to service your air conditioner in Waterdown, your boiler in Burlington, or your dehumidifer in Dundas. Just give us a call!
Fireplaces DundasHaving a fireplace installed can be complex, whether you're in a duplex in Dundas or a bungalow in Burlington. We can offer you the following services to simplify the process: design, installation, gas fitting or electrical work, tiling, carpentry & drywalling.
Electric Fireplaces WaterdownStop by our showroom to see a sample of our broad selection of fireplaces and mantels made by North America's top manufacturers. We're easy to reach from Waterdown - just take the Walker's Line exit off the QEW.
Fireplaces OakvilleUnlike many other fireplace retailers, we have the ability to handle all aspects of the selection and installation process. By speaking with you, we'll be able to determine the type of assistance you require. Give us a call at 905-827-5585 and we'll be happy to steer you in the right direction and set you up with the best fireplace for your needs and budget.
Fireplaces Stoney CreekWe carry a large selection of wood-burning as well as gas & electric fireplaces. Whether you are remodeling in Stoney Creek or building a new home in Waterdown, you can depend on us for reliable advice and quality products & service.
Heating BurlingtonIt is important to have your heating system serviced every year because there are safety mechanisms in the furnace and vent system. Call our Burlington number to schedule your annual heating system maintenance at (905) 634-7701.
Electric Fireplaces OakvilleWhether you're building a new home or renovating, an electric fireplace will greatly enhance your interior design, and provide years of enjoyment, plus it comes with the added bonus of increasing the resale value of your home. Visit our showroom to learn more.
Heating MiltonWe specialize in high-efficiency heating solutions that can warm your interior space in the most cost-effective way, because we understand that no other system in your Milton home plays a larger role in your comfort, or your utility bill.

Stop by our retail showroom to see our broad selection of fireplaces and hvac equipment on display or contact us at (905) 634-7701 to find out more about our wide range of heating & air conditioning products and services.

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