Mertik Maxitrol G6R Receiver – Product Advisory

Mertik Maxitrol G6R Receiver - Product Advisory

Miles Industries is committed to the highest quality standards. Every Valor fireplace we sell undergoes a rigorous quality control check. Our quality control checks continue through our after-sale field evaluation process.

During our field evaluation process, we discovered an issue with Mertik Maxitrol receivers which affect communication between the handset and the receiver. We brought this concern forward to Maxitrol (North American distributor of the control systems). Mertik Maxitrol confirmed our findings with their German electronics manufacturer and we are working together with Maxitrol on quickly implementing an inventory and field replacement program.

The potential problem affects all GSR receivers for use with Plus and Max systems with date codes between 1739 and 1805 inclusive.

Field Symptom

Maxitrol G6R receivers with date codes between 1739 and 1805 inclusive were produced with an out of specification component that may cause the receiver to have diminished distance communication to the handset as the fireplace approaches its higher operating temperatures. In some cases communication between the handset and the receiver stops. Even with the handset at close range to the receiver, it may no longer control the receiver. Once the unit cools, communication between the handset and the receiver continues as normal.


A wall switch, if installed, can be used to control the fireplace as per normal. Wall switches are supplied as standard on all L1, L2, L3 and LX2 linear models as well as with all H4, H5 and H6 models. They are also supplied as an accessory kit. If no wall switch was installed and the remote does not communicate with the receiver, the 6-hour turndown feature built into every G6R Receiver will come into effect and turn the burner down to pilot. The fireplace can also be turned off at the valve using the I/O switch located there. Once the unit cools, the pilot can be turned off through the remote. The fireplace should not be operated until the receiver is replaced.

Affected Units

Units built from November 2017 to May 2018, with date codes between 1739 and 1805 inclusive are subject to this Product Advisory. Affected receivers were also supplied in parts shipments during this period including parts stocking kits. Please note: Outdoor conversion kits with model number GV60CKO with date ranges between 1739 and 1805 inclusive are also subject to this product advisory.

Valor Action Steps

We will:

  • Notify dealers of specific products that are subject to the Product Advisory and, where possible, the particular order on which the affected product was shipped.
  • Ship the appropriate number of new receivers to satisfy all affected units.
  • Request dealers to reach out to customers and swap out the affected receiver and replace it with a new receiver - we will provide a labour allowance of $100 per affected receiver. As a precaution, unless they are operated only by a wall switch, customers should be advised to not operate their fireplace until the receiver is replaced. Units equipped with a wall switch may be used but the handset should not be used for thermostat or timer control as the communication may be lost.
  • Request that you do not destroy the affected receiver but return it to us - this is extremely important as we have to ensure no affected receivers remain in the supply chain. All receivers must be returned to the manufacturer in good condition to receive labor credits.
  • Provide a pre-paid shipping label and instructions on how to ship the affected receivers back to us.
  • Issue a labor credit of $100 x number of affected receivers replaced, through in-home service calls, once we receive written confirmation that all affected receivers have been removed from your customers homes and shipped back to us in good condition.

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