DIY – Transitioning From Cooling Your Home To Heating It

Here is a helpful checklist to assist you in preparing your home and/or cottage for winter weather.

  1. Check filter and change when required. (cost of filter not included)
  2. Check all safety controls.
  3. Review supply voltage and motor amperage
  4. Test the fan belt tension and inspect wiring for cracks or loose connections
  5. Inspect venting and temperatures
  6. Check electrical components and safety controls
  7. Check furnace fan motor and blower assembly
  8. Check heat exchanger for cracks
  9. Check burner tubes
  10. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter.
  11. Check and adjust all safety controls.
  12. Clean burners and controls.
  13. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.
  14. Adjust burner for efficiency.
  15. Clean flame rod.
  16. Check furnace amperage.
  17. Check for carbon monoxide leaks.
  18. Lubricate all moving parts.
  19. Check belt and adjust tension.
  20. Start up humidifier and open by-pass damper.
  21. Clear condensate drain.
  22. Inspect thermostat for proper operation.
  23. Turn exposed dampers to heating position, if marked (no balancing).
  24. Check that crankcase heater is operating.
  25. Check total performance and operating efficiency of heating system.

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